Thursday, 25 July 2013

Exhibition images

These are the final 10 images that I have decided to submit for the exhibition part of the MEd assessment.

Woven Landscape:


Winter Walk:



Wheels - blue:

Bike trail:

Bike trail - yellow:

Bike trail - brown:


Friday, 5 July 2013


I have continued to develop some of the abstract geometric images from previous posts. As the image above developed it began to remind me of the built environment, of buildings and roads and railings all converging together in a mass of business.

Here are some of the other explorations of the image:

Bike chain abstraction

I revisited some previous works based on a photo of a bike chain and further developed the image. I liked the monochrome colours and the soft textures that emerged through the process.

Monday, 1 July 2013


I have begun to further develop the geometric images using colour. This is my first exploration - it was originally a photo of a drain (the red, horizontal lines in the centre).

I like the contrast of lines and textures.


I am continuing to work on exploring the geometric images. The fractured, layered effect below is created as the images shatter into different visual plains and are transformed.

I particularly enjoyed the feeling of depth and distance created in the first image.


This development is a combination of two of the geometrics as one is being transformed into the other. I found the layered effect created a very visually interesting image as well as a sense of depth. In another way it reminded me a little of newspaper print.


This is a further development of one of the geometric monochrome images. I love the textures and sense of movement it captures.